Business Analysis Case Study (0-$300k)

How I took a business from 0-300k in revenue in under 45 Days Online:

First I’d like you to understand this quote “Your personal brand, is your life insurance”

This quote allowed me to bring on and attract this client into my business based off of Youtube videos I created months prior about the topic of social media marketing (Specifically Tik Tok Ads)

Client contacted me – said they wanted to scale their business using Tik Tok

Perfect, my specialty

The client sent me their ads – what we like to call them in the digital marketing space as “creatives”

“Creatives” will make or break your business. This is the most crucial factor to get a consumer to visit your website and purchase your products.

I ran ads, increased the average order value, implemented email and sms marketing, and boosted the overall customer experience of the clients store to generate the numbers listed above at a 25% profit margin.

What looks like 45 days of work and profit – took 4 years of self application