Career Plan

“Some people die at age 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75.” – Benjamin Franklin. For most people this is what life turns out to be; initially having dreams, hopes, desires and feeling as if you could conquer the world. You could literally be anything you put your heart and mind to. The world is yours for the taking! But what happens? You go to college, pick up a degree to pursue a career you think you may like or choose one based on pay or outside gratification. You get your first job – somewhat exciting right? The job starts to become monotonous, forcing you to wake up early for a job you don’t like, just to sit in traffic to be someplace you don’t want to be. Your motivation plummets and all you do is look forward to the weekends to drink, to party, to socialize? These are all stimulants – numbing the pain caused throughout the week. Guess what? It’s 6 am Monday morning, time to do it all over again.

The intro above was not created to be pessimistic or negative in any manner. It is just to show what life is like for most people who dislike their jobs or career path. We spend over ⅓ of our life working a “job”. Why make it something we don’t want to do? Over 80% of workers hate their current job situation or work environment. 

I don’t ever plan to work long term for anyone else. My time and energy are among the most important things to me. I work when I want to work (which is more than the average person who goes to a 9-5 job). I would rather build and create opportunities that I enjoy rather than doing so for someone else.  I am extremely open to new ideas and collaborating with others – either providing a service to them or partnering up and creating a new brand or company. What I want out of a JOB is what I am already working toward which is complete control over my schedule, high paying opportunities, and the ability to make a big difference.