I have been working on a brand over the past year and a half in the custom gift space and it has produced over $800,000 in revenue. As a company, we are looking to sell this brand in the next 3-4 months and make a decent profit. This is one of my first successful business ventures teaching me more than an entry level job. I learned about taxes, margin management, how to increase the average order value, how to provide an amazing customer experience, and most importantly how to market a company from zero. In addition, I’m a full time college student, playing college football, and managing client financial portfolios. 

I also have been working on my brand creation which focuses primarily on my personal brand, but does not exclude building my company. I just recently started a youtube channel to teach others how to media buy and boost their overall mindset. In the past year, I have added over 500 subscribers to my channel. That number is not high at the moment, but everyone starts somewhere! My plan is to build this audience and grow a community that supports one another while being able to break free from their 9-5 job. The world is a different place today and is constantly changing. Opportunities and jobs that once were, may be reduced substantially if not eliminated entirely. Empowering individuals to create an income stream could take years to develop. I firmly believe that your dreams and goals are closer than you many think. I fully support anyone who works on their craft and is building rather than just consuming. This brand creation also allows me to get my voice out there and make an impact just by speaking my thoughts and knowledge along the way. I am no better than anyone else. Everyone has the potential inside them to reach their goals and dreams. In the long run, I expect myself to be financially free, retire my parents, and be truly alive – not dead by 25.