Muhlenberg College | Graduated May 2022 | BA |Business Administration – Management | GPA : 3.2

Relevant Courses & Groups:

  • Tik Tok Mastery – TMURPH (Internet Marketing)
  • 100k Academy – Charlie Brandt (Internet Marketing)
  • Foxwell Digital CBO: All You Need To Know (Internet Marketing)
  • Facebook BluePrint (Internet Marketing)
  • eCom Blueprint 2.0 – Gabriel St. Germain (Internet Marketing)
  • Facebook Adleaks Platinum Member (Internet Marketing)

Muhlenberg College Courses: Marketing, Small Business Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting, etc.

Inovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Spent Millions of dollars PROFITABLY on Tik Tok Ads
  • One of the first advertisers ever accepted on Tik Tok Ads (Beta Version)
  • The First marketer to make content on Youtube about Tik Tik Ads Strategy
  • Generated over 11 million dollars in Ecommerce Sales for over 153+ clients
  • Personally taught and coached 150+ individuals on how to launch and scale Tik Tok Ads
  • Tik Tok Mastery (Full A-Z Program on how to run Tik Tok Ads) ->
  • Worked with Sellers on Amazon + Shopify to promote their Tik Tok Ads
  • Always studying trends and sounds of what works on Tik Tok (The eye has to be trained. I can tell you in less than 30 seconds if a Tik Tok creative will do well on paid ads)
  • I can work inside and out in pretty much any ads manager (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok)
  • Created a Print on Demand Business in 2021 and generated over 300k in revenue in 45 days
  • Scaled multiple six and seven figure businesses through social media marketing. (Amaira Skincare, Misumi Skincare, StatefulPrints)
  • Personally built and created a custom print on demand ecommerce brand that has done over $800,000 in revenue from 2020 – Present
  • Edited and filmed over 100+ video and image creatives for a variety of ecommerce brands using Adobe Premiere.
  • Created a personal brand with over 3.3k+ subscribers on Youtube and 1000+ Facebook group members (Ecom Huddle) as well as a Private Discord to teach digital marketing and Tik Tok Ads
  • Youtube channel:
  • Created personal branding website

Gap Year (2019 – Fall and Spring Semesters)

  • Traveled & lived in Arizona and Thailand to network with businesses and entrepreneurs to learn ecommerce + digital marketing. Took this year to really gather what I wanted to do with my life. Jumped on a plane to Arizona on a limb to connect with others in the space after playing a substantial role for the winningest football team in Muhlenberg College History- Centennial Conference Co-Champions that same year. Returned to finish college degree in 2020.

Financial Portfolio Management

  • Managing over $2,000,000 in client assets
  • Help setup and trade assets to increase profitably by over 1000% in a single year

Academic Achievements

  • 2018 – Fall Dean’s List
  • 2017 – Present 1st Scholar of the Class of 1962 Muhlenberg College Scholarship
  • 2017 – Present Scholar Recipient of Dietrich Family Muhlenberg College Scholarship
  • 2017 National Football Foundation/College Hall of Fame Scholar Athlete
  • 2017 PA Scholastic Football Coaches Association East/West All-Star
  • 2017 All-State Big 33 Football Scholarship Candidate

Athletic Achievements

  • 2022 – Fall WR leading team to Top 8 teams in the country
  • 2018 – Fall WR for the winningest football team in Muhlenberg College History- Centennial Conference Co-Champions
  • 2017 – Present Varsity Football as a Muhlenberg College Freshman
  • 2017 Down Under PA East Conference Football International Games
  • 2017 McDonald’s All-Star Classic Lehigh Valley, PA